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Hello valued Customer. Allow us to relocate your stuff! We move goods for a living.

Clients love us for lots of discounts prepared for our removals and furniture delivery services. Check it yourself!

You have just found the quickest and money saving Southend removals company. You will be served 24/7 including weekends and Bank Holidays by moving your furnitures to the deepest parts in Southend and surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact us at anytime. Please, let us to do the work for you!

Stress less movers!

Dear Customer, you will be astonished how cheap & comfortable moving can be:

  • You can pay ₤25 ph only for services of two men what is usual price for one man
  • You can rest while your belongings will be moved!


All you do is rest and chill so that our removals are comfortable.


You have two men in price of one man!


Special equipment is used so that our removals are fast!

Furniture delivery

Smith-Brothers will deliver each piece of furniture and other goods of unusual shapes and sizes like motorcycles everywhere you want.

After furniture delivery to the new location we bring everything to a new pleace. Our services are provided fairly and professionally. You can count on us:

  1. Pack and deliver your furniture.
  2. Deliver your motorcycle, scooter,
  3. Instal your furniture (beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, etc)
  4. Hang your shelves, racks, cabinets, mirrors, etc.
  5. Set and adjust your furniture in every room you wish

You can also need (click below to read more):

Packing & Unpacking
Cartons & Protective foil
Assembling & Disassembling

The lowest price in the Southend is guaranteed and Smith-Brothers are men of word!



₤25 Per hour


  • 2₤ ph less for one brother only
  • 2₤ ph less for facebook fans
  • 2₤ ph less for bussines card holders
  • 2₤ ph more if outside Southend


                                Thank you for choosing Smith-Brothers services!





Pay less for Southend removals

Please „like us” on Facebook and share but only if you really think that our services are useful. In return for this small favour from your hand we will repay you by giving 2₤ ph discount for moving services. Remember to give „like” at least one day before service. Click on the track below


To bring more value to Clients who decided to use our service again there is another discount  :)

If you are Smith-Brothers business card holder you will recive 2₤ ph discount for moving services. It’s ok if you do not have our business card yet. Remember to take it after the service and save it for next time to pay less for Southend removals!


Smith-Brothers care about you by respecting your time. You will receive 2₤ ph discount for Southend Removals every time if some delay occurs to our fault. „Always on time” policy is switched off when delay is caused by circumstances idenepdently from us eg accident, injury or massive traffic jam.



Smith-Brothers. Moving goods for a living



 „We are normal guys (maybe with bigger muscle tissue than average people) whom you will definitely get along”

Moving can be a difficult and challenging project that involves a number of problems and constant stress.

By choosing our services you can be sure that we stand on our heads to the service went smooth!


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Mac Smith
Driver and Porter

You will never get lost with him because he is an excellent driver, porter and he knows Southend as his own pocket!

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Paul Smith
Porter and Planner

He thinks how to make services better for customers every day. You will feel safe with him because he knows first-aid!


Loving Southend Rugby Club

They are proud to be members of the Southend rugby club and happy to move some players on the field. Even during the match they still think about removals!

All Day Customer Support

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